Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Have you decorated yet?  I've begun.  The Advent Calendar was out on time and filled.  Bulbs are making it on to the tree bit by bit.

We are still deciding if we are going to do the outside lights.  It is feeling like a whole lot of work at the moment.  The Christmas music boxes are out, the dogs are wondering what is going on, and my son has already been beaned in the head by the hanging mistletoe.  (For the record, he's 6'5" and we live in a 1940's bungalow...the doorways are short!)

I am still mapping out my baking and candy making schedule and menu.  I know I'll be making the peppermint plates to use in gift-giving.  Look on Pinterest...they're everywhere!  I will say, that is one thing on Pinterest that actually looks like the picture when you do it yourself!  Keep an eye on the blog Saturday morning...I will be sharing one of my favorite make and give recipes!

Are you done with your decorating?  I have friends that have posted pictures of fully decorated homes complete with wrapped presents.  I am so not that person!


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