Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter's Misery

Living on the Gulf Coast, I am spared the brunt of winter's wrath.  I was raised in Wisconsin, however, and am more than familiar with Old Man Winter's fury.  Now you know why I live in the South!

I do enjoy seeing the photos my friends and family post of the beautiful snow.  I am glad I no longer have to wear 12 layers just to stay warm.  It gets cold down here on occasion but I now look at those cold temperatures as an opportunity to wear cute sweaters and boots!

This past weekend saw the official end of hurricane season.  We made it through without a single storm.  This allows us to breathe a sigh of relief, not only for the end of hurricane season but that we still don't have to deal with multiple feet of snow!

Confession:  I do enjoy teasing my friends and family up north.  I may even be known to post a beach shot now and then just to rub it in a tad.  Sigh...I can only imagine the words and names that come flying out when they see them!

For my readers in the North...enjoy the snow!  For me...I'll be at the beach!


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