Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Hangover

Do you have a holiday hangover?  I am not talking the actual hangover, I mean the one you get from four days off work, a house with company, shopping to be done, tree to go up, etc., etc., etc.

Exhausting, isn't it?  Seriously, it's Monday morning and the exhaustion from the holiday is still there only to be added to by the work week.  Like most women, I have a problem with saying no.  I frequently try to do it all.  At 52, you would think one would know better.  However, my generation was brought up to be caretakers.  Delegation is a relatively new concept, particularly when it comes to hearth and home.

I wish I knew the magic formula for getting everything done without some portion suffering from a lack of attention.  If such a formula exists, please let me know!

Hang in there, my friends!  This week won't last forever!


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