Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Best Efforts

Simplification is not easy.  Despite our best efforts, that pesky little critter called "real life" gets in the way sometimes!

I have emphasized before of the importance of routine.  Sometime real life looks at that routine, busts out laughing, and blows it all to hell!

Let me give you just last week's example.  I had my weekend all planned out with what I needed to get done, building in a little reading time along the way.  When I woke Saturday morning, I had a message saying a friend was coming into town.  Immediately, I rearranged my schedule to include time to spend with him.  

While it accelerated my schedule, the time spent with a good friend is precious and irreplaceable.  No routine should be so set in stone that it does not leave room for unexpected blessings!  Remember, the goal of simplifying is to allow more time for those people and things we love.  Be flexible enough to allow that to happen!


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