Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Thursday 10 -- For the Girls!

This Thursday 10 is gender specific...unless you are a guy who regularly wears foundation and mascara!

It's time, ladies.  Time to clean out the makeup department.  Not the one at the store, the one you have at home!

Mascara -- 3 months

Liquid Foundation -- No more than 1 year

Lipstick -- 2 years

Nail Polish -- 2 years

Powders (eye shadow, blush, skin) -- 2 years

Perfume -- 10 years

Lotion -- 2 years

Looking at this list, I have no doubt we all have more than 10 things to get rid of this week!  Not only will this week's assignment reduce the clutter, it is better for your health and your skin!

Grab that trash can and be honest about how long some of that stuff has been in there!


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