Friday, February 5, 2016

Frugal Friday -- Free February

So far so good!  I haven't spent a dime so far this month!!

This week, I attended a book club meeting, taking a bottle of wine I already had.  I also purchased my book in January so it doesn't count as a February purchase.  

In addition, I worked on some needlepoint I already had.  It is a gift for someone so I can't get into too many details about that now.

I also bought the supplies I needed for Valentine's Day on the last day in January.  Not only do I have them in plenty of time...I don't have to rush to get the projects finished!

Granted, it is only the first week of the month.  And yes, this February has an extra day.  But I am a quarter of the way through and I haven't spent a dime other than gas and groceries!

How are you doing?  Have you ever done a no-spending month before?  Let me know!

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