Monday, February 22, 2016

Social Media - The Loving Side

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been the recipient of an incredible blessing.

I am the friend of a beautiful woman who is losing her battle with cancer.  How does social media fit in?  She has used her Facebook page to keep everyone updated.  It also allows us, her friends and family, the precious opportunity to tell her how much we love her, how she touched our lives, and how much she will be missed.

Too often, there is no opportunity to say what we need to say before someone is gone.  In this case, social media has given us that opportunity.  While she may not have the strength to answer every phone call, she can check Facebook when she is up to it and respond when she is able.  I have been able to share with her how much I love her...I am so appreciative of that blessing.

Remember, social media is neither good or evil.  It is what we make of it, how we use it, that determines what comes out of it.  Use your social media.  There is no better, faster way to spread love far and wide.


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