Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Concerts And More

I love finding new resources, especially in the arts.  Today's post is about archive.org.

Archive.org offers over 98,000 recordings of live concerts. Listed under Live Music Archives, that includes bands such as Cracker, Little Feat, and the Grateful Dead.  Without a doubt, the most popular concerts to view are the Grateful Dead.  And there's no surprise there!  Granted, there are also a gazillion bands I've never heard of but when you think about it...every band is unheard of until that first time!!

Archive.org also offers over 600,000 movies.  They are under the listing of "Moving Images".  They include "A Star is Born", "Farewell to Arms", and the original "House on Haunted Hill".  All movies are free and LEGAL for download so you can download literally months of entertainment!

Under the category "Texts" are over 3 million free books, essays, sheet music, etc.  Yes, I said 3 million!  I would have browsed more, but I was afraid I'd get lost in downloading and never make it back to this blog!

The last category is the "Audio Archive".  It includes radio programs, sermons, podcasts, and even more music.    There are over a million recordings in this archive so I'm pretty sure you can find something to enjoy.

Head on over to archive.org!!  Grab a couple of movies, a concert to enjoy, and a book to read!  You can fill all your entertainment needs in a single stop!

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