Friday, February 17, 2012

The Top Three

I was reading an article on fashion trends and there are three trends right now that I absolutely do not understand.  So here's my little rant on what they are and why I hate them!

1.  Pajama Pants.  Unless you're running out in to the front yard for no more than 3 seconds to grab the newspaper...DON'T DO IT!!  You don't look look like you were too lazy to even get dressed before you left the house.

2.  Black or Brown Fingernail Polish.  Really?  Please explain to me why you would deliberately want your fingernails to look like you have a fungus.  Or that you have some awful disease that is turning your fingernails black.  That's really the image you want to project?

3.  Peep Toe Boots.  Key word being boots.  You know, those things you wear in winter to keep your feet warm?  Add peep toe and you totally negate their purpose.  Again, not look like you don't have the common sense to keep your feet covered when it's cold outside!!

So that's my little fashion rant...what's yours?  Come on...I know you have one!!


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