Monday, February 13, 2012

Lord Help Me...It's Monday!

Today started with my waking up late.  I'm still feeling groggy even though I thought I slept well.  It must have been that killer hot flash that hit about 1 a.m.!  Seriously...I can't possible have any hormones left...I'm sure these hot flashes have burned them all!!

Then I hear the trash truck coming down the street.  Instant panic!  I knew I hadn't taken out the trash and was sure I had missed it.  My brain then kicked in and I remembered that today was recycling day.  I had already put that bin on the street last night.

It's a cold, grey, rainy day in Texas.  It's definitely not helping my motivation to get up and get after it.  I have errands to run but driving in Austin in the rain is absolutely terrifying!!  So I'm playing on Facebook wasting time until the rain moves out.  I know...a productive use of my time!

Alright, I'll behave.  Off I go to face my day.  The consolation?  I won tickets to the Chris Isaak concert tonight so I'll be meeting a girlfriend for dinner and the concert.  Maybe this Monday will be alright after all!

And those are my random thoughts this morning...

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