Monday, November 17, 2014

A Blessed Benefit

Last week I wrote about the benefit of social media for introverts.  That message was brought home again on Saturday when I was blessed to reconnect with a dear friend from over thirty years ago.  Let me rephrase, from a different lifetime!

This country of ours is huge.  Without the benefit of technology and social media, the task of finding one person out of millions becomes near impossible.  With a tool such as Facebook, reconnecting with those we love becomes so much easier.

Later in the same day, I also spent a half hour chatting with another friend from that same lifetime.  He always raises my spirits, and we never end a conversation without telling each other "I love you!"
It was through social media that we reconnected and we use it religiously to stay close.

For all the downfalls, the bullying, the drama, and yes...even the hate that is spewed on social media on a daily media can and does play a vital role in maintaining relationships.  I, for one, would not give up the benefits no matter the downside.


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