Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Needed Reminder

This week I received a reminder from the universe of just how lucky I am.

I am blessed with a wonderful home near the beach, a job I absolutely adore, incredible co-workers, a son who watches out for me every day.  I am blessed with the greatest group of girlfriends and an incredible support system.  I have a man in my life who treats me like a queen.  I have my rescue dog and the unconditional love that comes with her.

Sometimes it takes time and distance to realize just how bad something was and enables you to realize just how blessed you are now.  I had that reminder this week and I am thankful.

For those in their darkness, I promise you there is light.  It may seem like you will never see it but the old adage is is darkest right before the dawn.  The light is coming.


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