Monday, November 3, 2014

Too Little Weekend

Even though we "gained" an hour this weekend, I still came up short!  My to-do list is always longer than my "time available" list!

Not sure how to fix this particular situation.  I could drop one of the part-time jobs I do for extra money...but I need the extra money.  I could let the chores go...but no, I can't go to work naked!  What to do?  I keep thinking I will get to the point where I am caught up and I will have a weekend to myself.  I have been telling myself that for quite a while!

My next attempt to rein in my life is going to come in scheduling.  I am hoping if I set a limited amount of time for each task (and stick to it), I may be able to reclaim some time.

How about you?  What tools do you use to get a handle on that to-do list?



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