Friday, November 21, 2014


On Fridays I usually give my frugal tips.  Not today.  I was taught a lesson this week by my son and I would like to share it.

This past weekend, my son and I ran some errands.  At one of the stores, I picked something up and quickly replaced it when I saw the price.  When he asked why I put it back, I responded that I didn't need it.  He quickly answered, "Mom...when is the last time you actually bought a want?"

That set me back on my heels a bit.  I will pick up things I want here and there, but they are usually small and inexpensive.  His statement reminded me that it is perfectly okay to spoil myself now and then and that everything does not have to be a "need."

My frugal tip this Friday?  Don't be frugal ALL of the time.  Splurge every now and then and spoil yourself.  You deserve it!


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