Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Have you found yours?  I haven't!  I try...but life gets in the way.  I am one of those people who have trouble turning off my brain just to sleep.

I see the memes on Facebook about letting go, slowing down, and being happy.  I wonder sometimes if it is truly as easy as just believing it and it comes true.  I have also seen people who use that same principle of "letting go" as their own personal out for not taking resonsibility for or being accountable for any of their actions.  I do firmly believe that if you do not deal with your past, it will repeat itself.  There is a big difference between forgiveness (letting go) and forgetting.  Forgetting makes you vulnerable to the same abuse and mistreatment that occurred before. 

I am working diligently on the slowing down portion.  I am usually running through my life at full speed until I have completely exhausted myself.  I am well aware that this is one area where I need the most work.  I do not have to do everything, be everything to everyone, and I am not responsible for it all.

Being happy?  I believe that is an emotion that ebbs and flows as any other emotion.  I believe the true state is one of contentment.  I can say I am content.  It's a pretty fabulous thing to be.  Part of that contentment is an incredible sense of gratitude.  I am deeply cognizant of the blessings in my life.  That is a large, if not the largest component of my contentment.

I know...a lot to think about and it is only Tuesday!!  Just something to ponder...


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