Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Poet's Soul

I am blessed to have a friend who is a poet.  I admire her art, her ability to express herself, and her openness in sharing herself.  I, personally, do not have the grace she possesses.  I admire it from afar and am grateful to have such beauty in my proximity.

I have observed that her poet's soul feels things deeply.  With the tragedy at Charlie Hebdo, she was devastated; not only for the loss of life, but for the loss of the art and the artists.  Aside from the political and religious aspects, she knew that at the most base of levels, it was a loss of art.

This world needs every artist.  Whether with pen, pencil, or brush; each message is pure.  A cartoonist in France is no less an artist than a poet in the United States.  I am proud to know and love such an artist and grieve for the loss in Paris.

For the love of the art,

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