Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Simple Step

I have a full length mirror on my closet door.  Typically, I avoid it like the plague.  However, that behavior does not fall in line with my resolution.

In order to love that woman in the mirror, I have to first face her in that mirror.  Step one...I gave the mirror a good polish.  My perception of myself is already distorted enough by my childhood, media portrayals of women, and my own lack of self-worth.  I do not need the additional distortion of a dirty mirror.

If I am to love the woman in that mirror, let it be in a clear and true light.  A simple step, but a necessary one on my journey.

My journey toward the fulfillment of this resolution are you doing on yours?



  1. Very Nice... :) Have a good day Jerri....Good Luck to your Packers this weekend....

    1. Thank you, Mark! It's going to be a great weekend!!



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