Friday, January 9, 2015

How Are We Doing?

How are we doing this Frugal Friday?

Have you started the money challenge I posted about last Friday?  As I said, I am participating in reverse.  That way I can wipe out the smaller amounts towards the end of the year and be able to use my money for Christmas.  I also took a frugal route when it came to the envelopes themselves and picked up a box at the dollar store!

Another way of saving money I have posted about earlier is the WalMart Savings Catcher.  So far, I have saved about $10 which is not too bad considering I have a very small grocery budget!  In case you need the link again, here it is:

The final frugal tip for today is a reminder about Ebates.  Since installing the Ebates button to Chrome, I have managed to get my Ebates balance above $30!  That is just off regular shopping...nothing special!  Here is the link to sign up for Ebates:

Every little bit helps!  Let me know how your frugal new year is going!


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