Friday, January 23, 2015

Financial Health

On this Frugal Friday, let us close out the week of self-care with a quick look at financial self-care.

This is probably the area of self-care where I fail the most often and in the most spectacular fashion! I am, however, working on this area the most!

Actually, I am probably the last person who should be even writing on this subject!  I do have the experience, though, of doing everything the wrong way!

Here is a short list of things to review to up your financial self-care game:

1.  Check your retirement plan.  Will you have enough money?  What can you do to better your investment or protect what you already have invested?

2.  Check your monthly budget.  Are there areas where spending can be cut and savings increased?

3.  Check your car.  Yes, your car.  Is it properly maintained so that it is efficient and you avoid costly repairs?

4.  Check your closet.  Can the clothes you have be put in different combinations to extend their use?

5.  Check your credit cards?  Can you pay down a few more dollars a month?  Are you getting the best rates?

6.  Check your pantry.  How much food is actually in there?  How long could you actually eat off what you already have before you need another major shopping trip?

7.  Check your utility providers.  If you have a choice, are you going with the provider offering the best price for basic services?  

8.  Check your craft room.  Do you have projects to complete rather than purchasing more?  Do you have projects that can be given in the stead of bought gifts?

9.  Check your entertainment.  Are you getting the best deal on television services?  What about your internet provider?

10. Check this blog.  In addition to the Money Makers tab at the top of the page, I offer hints, tips, and tricks every Friday to not only make addition money but also to save money.

Okay...I guess I did have a bit to say!!  You definitely have a starting point for financial self-care. Remember, I'm right there next to you working away!


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