Tuesday, January 20, 2015


You have heard it before.  "You can't take care of someone else until you take care of yourself."  How many times have you answered that statement with "Yeah, right!"?  Exactly.

There are just as many aspects of self-care as there are to one's personality.  The self-care can be emotional, physical, spiritual, financial or any other aspect of life.  For today, I want to touch briefly on the physical.

While men typically have the reputation of avoiding physician visits, women have also developed the same habit but due to another reason.  Frequently, a woman is so busy caring for others that her own physical well-being gets put aside.  I am definitely guilty of just that.

I have taken a step toward changing that.  About six weeks ago, I somehow injured my hip.  I know...cue old lady jokes now!  However, I have been in agonizing pain ever since.  Finally, I have made a doctor's appointment and will get the issue resolved.

Step one done.  I am also hitting the treadmill every day, even if only for thirty seconds.  I know, thirty seconds does nothing physically.  However, it keeps me in the habit of getting on it every day. Hopefully, when my hip is fixed, I will be able to extend my time.

Examine your life for a moment.  Are there small things you can do to improve your physical self-care?  Now is the time!


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