Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Into The Ether

When I write, the words are mine as I am writing them.  Once I hit that publish button, they no longer are in my personal possession.  Each word becomes the property of the reader, and each reader endows them with their own experience and spin.

In the past, I have had readers who were convinced I had written about them when, in truth, I had not. It upset me at first, but it also taught me a valuable lesson.  I am not responsible for the perception of others.  However, if the shoe fits, may it be two sizes too small and hurt like hell!

Think about the blogs you read, including this one.  We bloggers open our hearts and souls and pour it out on to each post.  If you do not respect the actual words written, respect the process we go through to share our lives with you.

This is my blog, my life, my heart.  You are welcome here.


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