Thursday, January 29, 2015

Doing the Work

Savoring life does not come labor-free.  There is some work involved, particularly on an emotional level.  

Part of that work involves forgiveness.  If you do not forgive, those hurts and betrayals will color your world and impede your enjoyment of life.  I, personally, make the choice to forgive for myself. I do not have the energy or strength to carry the burden of hate.  I am acquainted with some who thrive on it, and it is not surprising as that burden of hate multiplies and grows as it is carried, other emotions such as joy and compassion are pushed almost completely away.  

I choose to forgive to make room for love and joy in my life.  Choosing to do so does not make me weak, susceptible to past behavior, or a willing participant in toxic relationships.  It means I choose to let go and move on.  Moving on does not mean moving backwards.  Forgiveness does not mean allowing someone to hurt you again.  Forgiveness changes your heart, not the heart of someone else.

Forgiveness is just one aspect of the work that must be done to savor life.  I am still working on my temper and my impatience which are also aspects.  I am human, therefore I am always a work in progress.


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