Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Good Habits

Good habits are just as difficult to stick to as bad habits are to break.  Previously, I have written about my Happiness Jar.  Every day, I write something good or happy about that day.  Simple concept, right?

Even though the jar takes only a few seconds out of my day, I have still experienced those times where I am playing catch-up and writing more than one day.  Why?  Like any other habit, it takes time to become one.  

One difficulty is my attention deficit disorder.  Some days, it is impossible for me to pay attention for more than two seconds at a time!  Over the years, I have learned to overcome a lot of the difficulties it presents, but challenges remain.

As with breaking a bad habit, the same focus needs to be given to creating a good habit.  Don't feel overwhelmed, thinking that such a habit must be of monumental impact on your life.  Start small...say, with making your bed every morning or eating a piece of fruit every day.  

We can do this!!


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