Saturday, February 7, 2015

Not a Usual Saturday

Usually on Saturdays, I post my favorite recipes.  Frequently, I wonder who and how often someone reads my blog.  Recipe Saturday is my proof that people are reading.

One reader has asked when I will put them all together into a cookbook.  I want to let you know that I have heard you, and it is on my project list!  I will definitely manage an e-book, and hopefully a print version at some point.

Another reader has requested pictures with the recipes.  That is a total "my bad"!  The truth is that I usually worry more about eating it than photographing it!  What can I say?  This girl likes to eat!! However, I will start to make every attempt possible to start adding photos.  I am not the world's greatest when it comes to a camera, but I will do my best!  Just, please, don't expect real cookbook staging in the photos.  What you will more than likely receive is a shot of my personal plate right before I dig in!

If there is something you would like to request, dare me to try, or any other suggestions for Recipe Saturday...let me know!


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