Monday, February 23, 2015


Habits...we all have them whether they be bad or good.  Friday evening, I went out to dinner at a restaurant I have frequently visited.  I did not take the time to review the menu as I already knew my favorite dinner dish.  That was when I was labeled a "creature of habit."

Is that necessarily a bad thing?  I do not believe so.  I see myself more as someone who knows exactly what she likes to eat at that particular restaurant.  Actually, I'm that way at just about every fast food joint, too!

The myth is out there that habits take 21 days to form.  The truth is that studies have found it takes an average of 66 days.  Think about it...that's doing something faithfully for over two months.  Two months!!

I know that I have personally fallen for the "21 day" myth.  That may explain why some of my bad habits still hang around.  It changes your mindset when you view a habit from a 66 day standpoint.  

Which to do first?  Do you set out to break a bad habit or begin a good one?  Let me know!


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