Thursday, February 5, 2015

Virus Scans

We all run virus scans on our electronics on a regular basis.  Have you thought of running such a scan on your life?

Allow me to elaborate.  Are there people, situations, or things in your life that interfere with your daily living?  Are there those things that slow you down, cause problems, or derail what you are trying to accomplish?  Is that not the definition of a virus?

Take a look at your life.  Are there toxic people, those that are never happy, that spread their misery so that it overflows and infects your life?  Are things cluttering up your home making it hard to find what you need to live your best?  Are there situations in your life that are impeding your progress in the attainment of your goals?

Perhaps it is time to do a system repair.  As on your computer, the problems will need to be fixed one at a time.  When you think you have finished, run that scan again.  There is always a sneaky little devil hiding somewhere ready to cause chaos when you least expect it.  

As with those electronic virus scans, they take time.  We have all sat in front of our screens waiting for a scan to finish so we can go back to business as usual.  With a life scan, we can have it running in the background as we go about our daily living.  Just remember to quarantine that which does not benefit you!!


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