Friday, July 10, 2015

Free Preparation

When preparing, whether for aging or natural disasters, there are a number of free resources available.

Check your state website.  The site may have links to disaster preparedness specific to the events which occur in your area.  In addition, check out this emergency preparedness checklist from FEMA: .  Print it out and check items off as you obtain them.

Google is your friend. Google aging preparedness checklist and you will be amazed at the returns! In addition, here is the link to a senior checklist that actually everyone should fill out: .

Another great resource is your local utility companies.  Check their website for emergency information.  Many offer checklists for local emergencies.

Last but not least, create a to-do list.  Again, the Internet is full of free, pre-made to-do lists for just about any occasion.  Use them.  Make your job easier by taking advantage of those free items that have been shared online.  To get you started, here is a link to 65 (yes, 65!) to-do lists you can print for free:

Happy hunting!


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