Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stay Present

I have written all week about preparation.  Like drinking or eating, preparation should also be done in moderation.

All of our focus cannot be on preparing for the future or anticipated events.  If we do so, we lose the joy and wonder of the present.  Each day is a gift and, while some time may be spent in preparation, the majority of our time should be spent living in the present.

That is not to discount the value of preparation.  Preparation, in moderation, will ease some of the stress of the future when it becomes our present.  But our need to prepare cannot override our need to live in the here and now.

Enjoy today.  Tomorrow will come whether we are prepared or not.  There is only one today, one now.  Hug a loved one, read a good book, play with your pet.  Actually, do all three!!


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