Friday, July 17, 2015

Memes -- Day 5

Today's meme is the worst of the worst.  I have seen this meme in numerous forms but this one may be the lowest of the low.

Welcome to the malicious chain letter, 21st century style.  More than anything, this reminds me of the chain letters of the 1970's.  I vividly remember my stepmother receiving some that contained that same kind of ominous warning.  "If you don't forward this letter within 7 days, something horrible will befall your family."  In today's digital age, we have memes that warn if you don't share withing 15 seconds, something horrible will befall you.  

I have even seen memes warning that you must share an angel or God will not answer your prayers. Let's think about that for a second.  First, I'm pretty sure God is too busy in the Middle East and elsewhere than to be trolling Facebook to see who shared a meme. Just sayin'.  Second, why would you post that and wish that on anybody?  That kind of statement is one that you really do not want to put out into the universe.  Those things have a tendency to come right back to the point of origin! And lastly, if you truly want God to hear your prayers...get your butt off Facebook and hit your knees!  I'm pretty sure if you want a prayer answered, you have to pray...not share a meme!

Be mindful of your words and memes.  Think before you post.  Spread what you love, not what you hate.

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