Thursday, July 16, 2015

Memes -- Day 4

Today's memes are along the same line as yesterday's.  They imply that if you don't share them, you are actually in support of something awful.

Seriously?  If you think someone who doesn't share it are actually for these things, why are they your friends?  Actually, I had to work at finding memes of this type that did not show horrific pictures. The inference that someone is "for" these activities if they do not "Like" or "Share" is not only insulting, but actually demeaning to your friends and family.  Remember, everything you post on your personal wall shows up on every single friend's timeline. 

How about this?  If you are truly against child abuse, pack up some books and games and take them to your local shelter for the children.  Post a picture of that and challenge your friends to match your donation.  Do the same with dog and cat food at your local humane society.  Make a donation, volunteer to walk a dog, volunteer to read to a child.  Get off the couch and actually do something about the causes you care about.  THAT is something to be proud to post.


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