Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Racial Divide

A few days ago on Facebook, a friend re-posted an article calling white Americans "White Terrorists."  We have been friends for over a decade, and while I understand and appreciate her anger, that post actually shocked me.

While my friend did not write the post, she made those words her own when she re-posted and shared on her personal wall.  Do I think she personally thinks I am a terrorist?  No.  But words have power, and a post shared in anger and despair does not have less of an effect because of the emotions in play at the time.

Charlotte was a horrific event.  There is absolutely no doubt that this despicable act was carried out by a racist, hate-filled individual.  The action was carried out to incite a race war.  In part, it succeeded.  The divide grows larger with each such action.

But I have hope.  These actions also incite conversations.  These actions can and do frequently bring the races together.  At multiple prayer vigils in the South held after the church massacre, black and white held hands and prayed together.  Therein lies my hope and the hope of this great nation.


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