Tuesday, July 28, 2015


As part of your summer nesting, choose something to rearrange.  It could be your closet, your dresser, or even your calendar!  Rearranging even the smallest thing or portion of your life and/or environment brings the blessing of a fresh perspective.

Let us use your closet as an example.  By rearranging your closet, you find hidden gems you forgot you had.  You will also, if you are anything like me, find those bargain buys that weren't such a bargain!  The items either do not fit right, shrunk in the wash, or just should never have been bought in the first place.  Here is your opportunity to donate them to a worthy cause, make room in your closet, and keep those pieces you love to wear.  

While rearranging your closet, blend in some organization.  If you work in an office environment, analyze what you have and how many combinations you can make with them.  You may be amazed to find that you actually need far fewer clothes than you currently have!  Doing so will also allow you to determine what key, basic pieces you need to add to fill out your wardrobe.

Now apply those same principles to your calendar.  By rearranging, discarding, and combining to-do items, you free up time, discard activities that no longer fit what you consider to be a valuable use of your time, and make room for things you love.

A little rearranging never hurt anybody.  Okay...you may end up with a sore back or arms!  But it will all  be worth it in the end!


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