Monday, October 19, 2015

Because I Can

This past weekend, I participated in the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  I was extremely fortunate and exceeded my fundraising goal!!

I am frequently asked why I participate.  Simple answer?  Because I can.  Because my best friend lost her life to this disease.  Because another dear friend just finished chemo after a double mastectomy. Because I have the strength to walk for them.

When I returned home from the walk on Saturday, I packaged up my survivor sash and got it in the mail to my friend who just completed chemo.  The sad part is that next year, it is extremely likely that there will be another friend waiting for that sash.  This disease has touched too many of the women I love and until we find that cure, it will continue to touch more.

Why do I raise money?  Because I love them.  Why do I walk?  Because I love them.  Why?  Because I do not want to lose one more woman to this evil disease.  Why?  Because I must.


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