Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kiss and Make It Better

When our children are young, all it takes to make things better is a kiss, a snuggle, and a promise from Mom that everything will be okay.  When our children are adults, it is no longer the magic potion to cure all ills.

This is particularly difficult when your child is seriously ill.  Regardless of age, it is a mother's natural instinct to try to make it better.  The frustration of feeling helpless and the agony of watching your child suffer are almost impossible to bear.

I frequently take surveys as a means of earning extra money.  Quite frequently, the surveys give an age range of the children in your home.  The options usually stop at age 17 with the last choice being "Not a parent."  I have news for these companies.  You do not stop being a mother when your child turns 18.

Watching an adult child suffer through a significant illness teaches one to be patient.  You must wait while they make their own appointments, fill their prescriptions, and try to get through a day's shift without having to come home.  Standing by brings a feeling of helplessness unlike anything I have ever felt before.

I wish every morning when I wake that I could kiss and make it better.  Perhaps there are some magical tricks from childhood that should never disappear.


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