Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When Did We Forget?

Watch any reality show or read any pop news article, and you hear an enormous amount of blather regarding "respect" and "disrespect."  

When did we forget that respect is earned...not given?  Respect is earned by words followed by action.  Talking about someone is not disrespect...it's gossip.  If someone does not acknowledge your presence, it's not disrespect...it's rude.  What is so often mistaken for respect is actually civility.  

Civility is polite actions and words.  This is how one decent human being treats another.  When your words and actions accomplish something worthy of respect, then that respect is earned.  Until that point, basic civility and manners should be the norm.

When did we forget that respect is not an entitlement?  Like so many things, respect seems to be something people assume is due to them.  Nope.  If you want my respect, earn it.  Until then, I will treat you in a civil manner, and as an adult, I will use my manners.  My respect is reserved for those who have earned it.


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