Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Thursday 10

During the 30-day blogging challenge, I wrote of my fascination with tiny houses.  I also admitted that I have entirely too much crap for it to be feasible right now...or any time soon.

It has given me the impetus to start simplifying my life and my surroundings.  To begin, I am going to remove 10 things each week.  Welcome to the first week!  Here are the 10 things I'm removing this week.  

My 10 items this week consist of 5 books and 5 needlework projects.  It makes up a care package for a dear friend.  She has just escaped an extremely abusive relationship and is learning to be alone again.  Part of that process is having things to do when you are sitting in silence so that the trauma does not rise up and overwhelm you.  Speaking from experience, it helps to have your hands and you mind occupied.  Included are a couple of needlework projects that will make perfect gifts for her granddaughters!

My 10 items this week are serving multiple purposes.  I have more projects than I will ever finish and I plead the fifth on the size of my library!!  It brings me joy to share these items with her and I know they will bring joy to her.

That's 10 items gone this week!  If you want to join me on the down-sizing and simplifying journey, here are my basic rules:

1.  10 items per exceptions!

2.  Unless irretrievably broken, all items must be recycled, upcycled, sold, or donated.

3.  No throwing 10 items straight in the trash.  We are trying to reduce...not add to the landfill!

4.  Use your reducing to help others if possible.

5.  If selling items, use that money to pay down your debt.  Let's reduce that, too!

Join me on the journey!!


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