Monday, October 26, 2015

Living Frugally

This week, I am going to touch on various aspects of frugal living.  I am also going to discuss some behaviors I have observed, especially from those who talk the talk, but do not necessarily walk the walk.

My frugal lifestyle began early as I was raised that way.  My father was a government employee, and in the sixties and seventies, that was barely a middle-class income.  Frugality was a way of life for me then and I am voluntarily returning to that lifestyle now.

Allow me to explain the "voluntarily" part.  Having just began a new career, having student loans to pay, and aging have necessitated the "voluntary" return to frugality.  I do, however, enjoy the creative methods used to life a frugal life and still be able to enjoy said life.

This weekend was a perfect example.  I suffer from hip and knee pain that is exacerbated by an approaching storm.  As a result, I spent most of the weekend being unable to walk without a great deal of pain.  My frugal lifestyle covers just such a situation.  I was equipped with plenty of books (obtained for free) and multiple craft projects (obtained at a great discount) to keep me occupied. Such a lifestyle lends itself to the ability to entertain oneself.

Tomorrow, I will focus on the widely-held belief that a frugal lifestyle requires incredible sacrifice. Join me then!


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