Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free and Easy!!

Do you have a Twitter account?  If not, get one now!!  Tweets do not need to be sent to your phone, you can view them as a web page just like Facebook!  And now for the free and easy part:

Follow @inkmesh on Twitter.  All they tweet are free e-books!!  When you click on the link in their tweet, it takes you to their webpage.  There you will find the different formats the book is available in, which formats are free, and hyperlinks to take you directly to the seller.

Yes...I said different formats!!  While the tweet may say Kindle or Nook...when you get to InkMesh's page, the book may be available in more formats and may be free in those other formats also!

Remember...you do not have to have an e-reader to take advantage of these free books!  Most e-readers have apps that can be downloaded to your PC, phone, or laptop.  The apps themselves are also free!


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