Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spare Me!!!

The following was posted on a friend's Facebook page...I loved it!!

Allow me to speak on behalf of the 90+% who "won't re-post this". We don't re-post it because it's generally asinine and or juvenile. I don't need to engage in "slacktivism" to prove to you or anyone else, my love of God, Country, the Military, children, animals or sick people. PLEASE, whatever you do in life, DO NOT re-post this as your status

Amen!!!  I am one of the 90+%!!  Think about these posts when you see them:

"I love my husband/son/daughter"  Really?  Do you think people don't know that?  And to be honest, if I didn't think you loved your wouldn't be my friend!!

"Against Cancer"  Huh?  So you're telling me there are actually people out there who are FOR cancer?

"Click Like if You Love Jesus"  Granted, I do not have a direct line upstairs.  But do you really believe The Big Guy checks Facebook to see if His number of "likes" has increased?

"ANY Political Re-Post"  If this is a viewpoint you share, do you not then have the passion to put it in your own words?  For that matter, did you have the foresight to even verify if it's true?

"Mis-spelled Re-Posts"  1.  The original poster did not even have the intelligence to spell their thought correctly.  2.  You re-posted it.  Enough said.

Facebook is a SOCIAL network.  I am your friend because I want to know what is going on in YOUR life...not some faceless, anonymous person 500 clicks back.  So if there is something you want to share, please YOUR words!!

And those are my random thoughts this morning...


  1. Oh, my gosh! I smiled the whole way through this post! I've thought it, but this just worded it better than i could. LOL

    Stopping by from Blog Frog, Lookn@youkids

  2. Glad you enjoyed it!! Followed your blog also...too cute!!

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