Thursday, July 14, 2011

Prayers for Danny

You may remember seeing this blog post back in May:

Thirty years ago, Patti and I were stationed together on the island of Crete and have been friends ever since.  Today, Patti is packing for the Marines to fly her to Hawaii to be at her son's bedside.  Danny was medevac'd from Okinawa to Hawaii yesterday.  He is suffering from aplastic anemia and is considered acute enough that the Marine Corp is flying his wife from Japan and his mother from Florida to be at his bedside.  Danny is a proud Marine serving his country and the brand new father of a five week old daughter.

Here is an update.  Danny has received a bone marrow transplant and is recovering in a hospital in Florida.  He is currently running a high fever that doctors are trying to break.  A Facebook page has been set up so that people can send their prayers and get well wishes for this brave Marine.  The page can be found here:

Danny will be viewing this page and Patti (his mother) will be posting updates.  Thank you.

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  1. How come I never saw this? I guess my frequent (daily) trips to the hospital is why. Thank you Jerri. Danny is doing great. He still has a long way to go but he is out of the hospital after 2 months as an inpatient. His wife and daughter are with him in a hotel near the hospital (in case anything goes wrong) and they are looking for a more permanant place to call home. The best news is that he may be able to stay in the Marine Corp and possible even return to Okinawa someday. :-)



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