Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Self-Promotion and Blogging

I've been working on this blog since March.  Not a long time in blogging world, but long enough for me to identify my biggest challenge:  self-promotion.

As an empty-nester, I grew up in the generation where children were to be seen and not heard.  Little girls were taught to be "nice".  When assertiveness and self-promotion were looked upon as faults...something to be remedied.  It is amazing how deeply ingrained these lessons are, even as I approach 50.

To give you an example, when my youngest son was born, I was scheduled for a tubal ligation immediately following delivery.  When he finally arrived, the doctor prepared to begin my surgery.  But by then the epidural was fading.  So as he began the surgery, I could feel it!  And how did I let him know?  I said "Excuse me?".  Yep...that's right.  Someone is cutting into my body with a scalpel and I said excuse me.  Not just once...but two or three times before I got someone's attention.

So now we come to my blog.  I work really hard on my blog and I believe I do a really good job.  So why is it so hard to promote?  Because it feels like "Look at me!  Ain't I great?"  and for women of my generation...that is an uncomfortable feeling.  We were taught that bragging was inappropriate and "look at me" was unseemly.  But to promote this blog, self-promotion is required.  My blog is my thoughts, my ideas, and my life.  So yes, it's "Look at me!!"

So this is my challenge as a woman, an empty-nester, and a blogger.  The best part is knowing you are still a work in progress even at this stage of life.  And that this old dog can still learn some new tricks.

So, hey!!!!  Check out my blog!!  It's great!!!  Join me for the journey!!!

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