Friday, July 29, 2011

Role Reversal

Hubby's been out of town this week attending training so Wednesday night, I had a girl's night.  A friend came by the house, we ordered Chinese and watched a movie.  Pretty tame night, right?  I was done and over by 10 p.m.!!

So tell me why, on Thursday, my youngest son wanted to know what I'd been doing the night before?  When I asked why, he informed me I had no business being up that late!!  10 p.m.??

So when did the roles reverse?  Last time I checked...I'm still the mom!  I realize he's grown and gone but does that mean he gets to parent me?  I'm's not like I have one foot in the grave yet!!

I have to admit, his concern is sweet.  Misplaced...but sweet.  That is one great kid!!

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