Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Little Bit is a Good Thing

While some fears are meant to be faced, others serve a purpose.  A bit of fear at night in a dark parking lot serves to keep us aware of our surroundings.  Fear of wrinkles and melanoma makes sure we apply sunscreen.  Fear of osteoporosis ensures we get enough calcium.

While debilitating fear harms, a small amount of fear can serve a healthy purpose.  Of course, there are also those fears that are automatic and are never alleviated.  Foremost, of course, is the fear every mother carries for her child.  While the fear varies in scope and focus over the years, there is not a mother on the planet that does not fear something happening to affect the health and well-being of her child.  Such a fear is never shed, until the mother leaves this earth.

Healthy fears keep us from doing stupid things.  We gain most of these fears after adolescence...after we have lived long enough that we realize we are not indestructible.  These fears teach us habits such as making sure the doors are locked at night, that we have the proper pressure in our tires, and food that has spoiled lands in the trash.  These types of fears are not irrational, but actually necessary ones.

Look at your personal fears.  Which ones keep you safe?  Which ones need to be conquered?


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