Monday, May 18, 2015

Fear and Aging

Read the title again.  It says "and" not "of".  Aging itself is inevitable and not to be feared.  Aging does, however, bring risks that can lead to fear.

I recently had a bone density exam, revealing osteopenia.  All my life, I have been someone who has been a bit reckless, never paying attention if I had to jump off or over something on one of my adventures.  Now, I must be mindful.  

My bones are beginning to soften.  A fall now could do immensely more damage than when I was young.  Fear of falling has now entered my life.

There are inherent fears that come with aging.  Our bodies are not what they once were and we have to be mindful.  That does not mean we stop living.  While I am a bit more careful, I am still my slightly reckless self.  But now when I walk through the house, I watch for the dog running across my path.

I am aging.  I am a tad fearful.  I will not stop living.  Enjoy your adventures; I will enjoy mine!




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