Tuesday, May 26, 2015


What a weekend.  All the huge plans I made last week went right out the window!  I took Friday off work to get a head start on my plans.  Of course, I then promptly woke up Friday morning with a full blown cold!  

Life throws us curves on a constant basis.  As a dear friend described it, life is a roulette wheel and you never know where, or on what experience, it is going to land.  How we ride the curves is what makes the difference.

I did my best to force my cold out of my mind, and do what chores I could get done.  By Monday night, I could barely speak, could not breathe through my nose at all, and was so exhausted, I was almost giddy.

Did I get quite a bit accomplished?  Yes, especially considering the circumstances.  Did I succeed in accomplishing everything I wished?  No, but that is okay.  There is always next weekend!!

Onward through the fog...


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