Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Yesterday, I spoke a bit about compartments.  Women, particularly mothers, are experts in this skill set.  We split into completely different personalities depending on the given situation.  A woman can be a mother, lover, employee, wife, housekeeper, etc. at the drop of a hat.  The tone of our voices change, how we dress, even our actual posture will change depending on the current role.  Is that not an amazing talent?

Unfortunately, our ability to transform and to separate our feelings into convenient little boxes can also have the side effect of fragmenting us.  In that process of fragmentation, we can lose ourselves. We forget who we really are.  Even while filling multiple rolls, we as women need to retain that innate sense of self.  Who we are needs to remain at the core of every role, duty, and job we perform.

Our uniqueness is our greatest asset.  It makes us who we are, defines what we have to offer, and colors every action.  Take pride in what makes you special.  Celebrate it.  You are amazing because of it.


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