Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Value of Knowledge

All of us have an area of knowledge in which we excel.  You may be an expert baker, crocheter, or be an online guru.  What is that knowledge worth?

My particular area of expertise is finding things for free, whether through sweepstakes or online sites. I share that knowledge here on Frugal Fridays.  That does not mean I am giving my knowledge away for free as I do earn a small pittance from my blog. ( on the ads!)  I have worked extremely hard to gain that knowledge and that work gives it value.

Have you ever had a friend want you to use your knowledge for free?  You may have felt a bit of resentment.  That should tell you that what you know is valuable.  Use that to your advantage.  Get online and see how those with similar talents make their living by utilizing those talents.  

I am not advocating being selfish or not helping those who need your assistance.  I am proposing that you take a little time, think of your value, and proceed accordingly.  You have worked hard to learn what you know and to be able to do the things that you do.  Place the appropriate value on that knowledge, talent, and wisdom.


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