Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pushing Back

Fear is a powerful force in nature.  It is all too easy to give in, to let it take control, and let it run your life.  I know that I, personally, have let fear rule more times than I should have in my life.  I finally had to make a conscious decision that I would push back.

Next weekend, I plan on confronting two big ones head-on.  There is a very high bridge running over water between two towns here on the Coast.  I HATE high bridges.  I also have a very healthy fear of heights.  Next weekend, I want to walk the bridge.  There is a special walkway built onto the bridge for walkers and I am planning on walking across and back.  

Now for full disclosure...I do plan on dragging my big, strong, 6 foot 5 inch son along with me. While I am confronting my fears, I am not brave enough to do so without backup!!  My thought is that if I freeze, he can drag me!!

What fear are you ready to face?  Go for it!!


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