Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Yesterday, I spoke about the curves life maps out throughout our journey.  Some curves are gentle, mere inconveniences of daily life.  Others are steep, white-knuckle curves that leave us exhausted and gasping for breath.

While my disruption of weekend plans was a gentle curve, an inconvenience; so many others are facing the sharpest, fear-inducing of curves.  I have such people in my life.  I am amazed every day at their courage, their stamina, and their absolute love and zest for life.

These are the people that remind me that my curves are truly minor ones, and to quit my damn whining.  In truth, none of them have actually said is more my reminder to myself!  I can only hope to make their curves a little less sharp, a little more comfortable to bear.

What about your curves?  Are they currently gentle or sharp?  Remember, no matter how wicked the curve...there are people who love you, who will hold your hand throughout, and make your journey that much better.


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