Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Back to Business

Enough wallowing!  I'll admit, I am still having a rough week but life continues.  I have to vote tonight after work in my city's mayoral election.  The dogs still want to chase the tennis ball, and dishes still need to be washed.

Is that not a vital part of adulthood?  The skill of being able to compartmentalize feelings, duties, and responsibilities in order to carry on?  The feelings do not disappear; but we set them aside in order to meet our obligations.  Daily life does not disappear.

Enough wallowing for me...for now.  My plate is incredibly full every day.  Shutting down for any extended period of time is not a luxury I can afford.  I have more than one job.  I have a home, pets, and family to care for daily.  I can acknowledge my feelings, realize they have a place in my heart, but not allow them to be in the forefront.

Back to business for me!  Life is short, too short, and I cannot afford to waste a second!


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